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  Monthly theme Color Popping Techniques
Can anyone help me with the category this month: Color Popping Techniques? I looked thru entries and they are all over the place. I can't find any kind of explanation, so I thought I'd ...
January 17, 2019
This is to wish all BPers a Wonderful & HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019. Thanks Jim and Team BP for providing us a platform for sharing our passion together with moments of deep inspiration and constant le...
January 04, 2019
  How do I change the position of my photo?
I uploaded a photo and it is displayed incorrectly...landscape instead of portrait. It was correctly displayed in my files when uploading. I can't figure out how to change this. This has hap...
December 15, 2018
  Saving my own larger images to my own computer
I uploaded almost a thousand pictures here over the past 12 years or so. A couple of years ago, my computer was destroyed and the only good copies I have of my own work are located here. Even in my...
November 09, 2018
  Noise Reduction
Does anyone have any good suggestions for noise reduction software?...
December 06, 2018
  What a Rookie Move
I'm laughing thru tears this morning. I decided to clean up my gallery and rearrange it to make things look a little better ... and managed in the process to delete a photo that just got an EP!...
September 25, 2018
  New Camera!
I am interested in buying a Point & Shoot Camera..One that produces Very high quality images,has at least a medium zoom lens, & easy to use WiFi...I will spend up to $800.- Please suggest c...
September 29, 2018
  Good Landscape Lens
Hi! I plan to take an excursion to a breathtaking area of China, Guilin, Guangxi--one of those magic areas depicted in Chinese art with water and straight up mountains, etc. and have decided to br...
September 18, 2018
  BetterPhoto since 1996, how about you?
Since BetterPhoto is about 22 years old, I'm curious who has been around since the beginning. I signed up back in 2011 if memory serves ... so I'm a relative newcomer. How about everyone ...
August 23, 2020
  Photo of the day
Today I recieved many congratulations because one of my pictures is Photo of the Day. Commenters also mentioned a POTD gold badge on my photo. If people had not made comments I would not have known...
September 03, 2018
  changing categories
Can I change a category on a photo that's already been posted and commented on? I entered one before the categories were announced, now I want to change it. Wasn't sure if that would cause ...
September 03, 2018
  Contest winners page titles
On the contest winners pages, the May and June 2018 Second Place winners still have the wrong category titles. (The First Place winner titles are correct.)Wondering if these are going to be fixed.....
August 31, 2018
  Rain Cover
We are taking a trip to Alaska, leaving August 27 to Sept 7. We will be in Denali, Katmai and Anchorage. We have several day trips set up and one night at Katmai. Four nights at Denali. I am in ne...
February 26, 2024
  Help, Please
I am hoping to upgrade my photography equipment in the near future to a Canon DSLR. I would like to get a Canon Rebel t6i or t7i. Has anyone had experience with these? I would like to hear feedback...
August 09, 2018
  Computer for Photo Editing
Well, my 10 yea rold workhorse is on her last leg. I need another desktop for photo editing and fast. The old girl is on life support. If I can get my photos all backed up I will consider myself...
August 04, 2018
  New categories (Survey)
If you would like some kind of compromise on the categories hit the love bottom here!!...
August 04, 2018
  Love this photo button
Someone loved one of my photos so I clicked on the heart to see who it was. Now the heart is grey. Did I just disqualify myself?...
August 03, 2018
  Jim says use Mirrorless theme as Catch All
Use Mirrorless as catch in the August Contest...
August 02, 2018
I just entered an old photo in the "Flowers" which has a sub theme of "Books and Writing". At least that's the way I understand it. Today is July 27th so there are not many days left in this ...
September 01, 2018
  Photo size
When uploading what is the ideal pixel size to ensure photo just fits on screen without scrolling?...
September 03, 2018