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Have questions regarding making money with your camera? This Q&A helps you better understand the business of photography. For tips on driving traffic to your website, check out the workshops from Search Engine Academy.

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  pricing royalty free images
Hello,I have an opportunity to sell 6-images to a popular "Inn" in Vermont and they want to have unlimited usage of images.I really have no idea of what a good starting price might be per image or ...
May 03, 2019
  Selling photos
I am looking for some guidance please, I have recently been contacted about selling the non exclusive rights to one of images. The company seems legit, the problem is I have never sold an image and...
October 16, 2017
  Thank you BP and BP'rs!
For a long time now I have been studying, watching, and learning from members of BetterPhoto. You probably had no idea that I was spending hours staring at your photo's and then grabbing my cam...
August 14, 2016
  AnnaMolaPhoto email
Anyone else out there receive an email through BP from Anna Mola Photo about participating in an art show in Italy? Sounds like a blast email as I don't recognize the name. Legit? I'm just ...
January 31, 2016
Does Betterphoto sell images on the site and if so how do we prise them ...
April 05, 2015
  The Best Ways to Market Yourself as A Photographer
I, of course, have dreams of being a photographer. Certain dreams. I mainly want to work with people, in nature environments. I also want to travel as much as possible. Yet, I also have a small int...
November 25, 2014
  Education or Not?
I am a student photographer, about to graduate high school. I want my future to be in Photography. But right now im having a hard time deciding on whether I should go to a college and get a photogr...
November 19, 2014
  Guests at BP
How does a guest view someone's Photo Gallery?...
December 20, 2014
  $ of my photos for someone's website
Someone is creating a new website on "Meditation" and she wants to use some of my nature photos on the website. She asked what I charge,(per photo) for this. I have NO idea what to tell her. Can so...
June 30, 2014
  Selling image? Contacted by buyer.
Just a question about selling prints. Somebody emailed me and gave me their phone number to contact them. They saw one of my photos here and asked what I would charge for a large print. I've...
December 12, 2013
I just got an assignment to take photos for a high dollar stallion campaign and advertising. I know they will be reprinted and reused a lot. I don't know what to charge the client, any though...
October 16, 2013
  E Book Images?
I was approached about using one of my images in an E-Reader for Special Needs children. My question is what size file is needed for an E Reader? He asked for an image of 3000x2000, which seems bi...
October 07, 2013
  Transitioning from a well-paying career
I have been working to see how I can transition from my current well-paying career that has become little more than that. My passion for photography and desire to do it full-time continues to grow...
April 04, 2024
  putting a logo on photos?
I have just recently done a photo session with a family, the pics turned out awesome and they love them, now they are buying a package of pictures from the session, im not a professional photograph...
August 25, 2013
  BetterPhoto using your photo
Does BetterPhoto pay members when they use their photos to advertise on this site? If not, do they ask permission to do so?...
August 18, 2014
  Portrait Photographers and New Business
Not sure how widely reported this has been yet but since I work for a portrait studio (Portrait Innovations) we heard about it immediately. Sears and WalMart portrait studios closed their doors th...
April 19, 2013
  Self-Employed Photo Retouching
Working as a self-employed Photo Retoucher. Good idea or bad idea? If yes, better to have an business online or a brick and mortar shop somewhere? I'm an "Aspie" and photography/photo retouchin...
February 01, 2013
  WOW, 2 months and no new topics
I see this website has clearly fallen off the radar. Last new topic dates back to 11/18 of last year. That's too bad....
March 25, 2013
  What price per print/ Canvas
How do you work out what to charge for each print or canvas for sale? I am just strating out and finding it difficult to price my own work. Jenni...
October 22, 2012
  How do you know when your photos are good?
How do you know when your photos are good enough to seel to the public?...
November 18, 2012