BetterPhoto Q&A: Film-Based Camera Equipment

Looking for information on flathead tripods? Wondering how to use camera filters for special effects? Take a look at this Q&A for answers to your questions about film-based camera equipment.

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  The Film Sections Are Still Here
It's about time we get more people back here like it used to be. More people are returning to traditional capture all the time and it's about time we got this up and running again....
March 21, 2015
  Buying a Scanner
Does anyone have any recommendations for a scanner to scan both old photos and slides?...
February 10, 2012
  Split Grade Printing
Love the show. Long time listener. First time in a long time caller.My negs are flat-ish and thus follow my prints.I am going to be messing around with split grade printing on my Oriental Seagull...
December 17, 2010 it or not?
I've been offered the opportunity to purchase a Rolleiflex camera. Near as I can tell it's a Rolleiflex Automat MX-EVS Type 2. It comes at a price of about $175 and is part of an estate. ...
January 15, 2014
  Flashtube lifespan?
What is the lifespan of a flash tube? I've had the Alien bees B800 flash unit for a couple of years but lately it seems that it is not putting out the same amount of light as it used to. Is tha...
November 20, 2009
  Wanted Mamiya 6 RF...
I'm looking for a Mamiya 6 with a lens (75mm or 150mm). Does anyone have one that they are looking to sell?...
March 22, 2009
  Zoom Lens
Would the zoom lens for a Canon EF mark III 75-300mm fit the Canon Rebel 2000 EOS 35mm with out an adapter? Thank...
January 17, 2009
  super zoom telephoto lens
I am looking for a super zoom telephoto lens. I have a Tamaron 200-500 with a 2x on my Nikon FM3a. But because I am home bound, inside all the time, I cannot get close enough to bet good close up...
January 04, 2009
  Which 35mm camera is best for a photography class?
this is my first class, requires a 35 mm slr camera. I am very familiar with digital photography but not so much film.. I need advice! good models, good lenses? I am buying a used camera, have been...
January 01, 2009
  Zoom Lens
Purchased a Sears Auto Zoom lens that mounts to a Canon T50 SLR. I have a Canon EOS Rebel 2000, so I purchase a T2 T-MOUNT adapter for Canon FD. Is there another adapter needed to connect the camer...
December 23, 2008
  What's Canon lens I should buy ?
Hi,Im new to DSLR. I will buy my first DSLR. Usually I use Canon Pro1, semi pfrofesional.Would like to buy Canon 50DI use camera to take pictures for my baby boy and 4 years girl. Both close up and...
December 09, 2008
  Looking to buy a vintage Polaroid Camera
I am looking to buy a vintage Polaroid Camera (circa 1980's) that I can still efficiently take pictures with. I am not sure where to purchase one and also where to purchase film for said camera...
December 08, 2008
  Wanted Sigma APO AF 70-210 2.8 canon,mount
Hi as I'm low on budget I would like to buySigma APO AF 70-210 2.8 canon,mountI understand that on Digital Canon works only in 2.8 aperture but cant afford to buy something more expensive at th...
November 24, 2008
  Value of my camera
I have a Canon EOS-1N here, with a 58-105mm Lens, Was a gift from my grandad as he didnt want it any more.I really want to see how much I can get for it to buy a nice Digital SLR, But I really hope...
September 30, 2008
  value of my camera
I have a Nikkormat EL 35mm SlR with 3 lenses to sell and have no idea what it is worth. Where can I get an appraisal...or just a ballpark guess will do if someone can help. The lenses are Nikkor 50...
October 07, 2009
  Recommendations For Affordable, Used Film SLR?
I am a student Graphic Designer and hobbiest photographer. I shoot a Nikon Digital SLR now (D70s) and have 3 lens I use. I am taking a class in the fall that requires a film SLR and we will be shoo...
July 25, 2008
  For Sale: (2) Mamiya M645j's plus 4 lens and more
Hope this is kosher. Didn't see a place for classifieds. So here goes.Up for sale I have two M645j bodies, four lenses, three film chargers, two viewing glasses, prism finder, L-bracket handl...
July 20, 2008
  Canon FD Lenses
I am looking at some 135mm FD lenses, the options are f3.5, f2.8, and f2.5. The first two I have heard of, but I am not sure of the f2.5. Can anyone tell me about it, is it any good? is it compara...
July 03, 2008
  Recommended lenses for Promaster 2500PK Super SLR?
When I started my film class we needed a fully manual film camera, so I quick ran out to the closest photography shop and this was the only one they had, a Promaster 2500PK Super SLR.I plan to use ...
June 09, 2008
  Want info on Tokina TM-500 mirror lens
Who knows something abt this Tokina lens? Years of sale in US, price new or value today -- and, is this lens made to Tokina's typically high stds of sharpness and quality?Or a near equivalent o...
May 27, 2008