BetterPhoto Q&A: Digital Cameras and Accessories

What to know before buying a digital camera and buying digital accessories.

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  Good Landscape Lens
Hi! I plan to take an excursion to a breathtaking area of China, Guilin, Guangxi--one of those magic areas depicted in Chinese art with water and straight up mountains, etc. and have decided to br...
September 18, 2018
  Rain Cover
We are taking a trip to Alaska, leaving August 27 to Sept 7. We will be in Denali, Katmai and Anchorage. We have several day trips set up and one night at Katmai. Four nights at Denali. I am in ne...
February 26, 2024
  Help, Please
I am hoping to upgrade my photography equipment in the near future to a Canon DSLR. I would like to get a Canon Rebel t6i or t7i. Has anyone had experience with these? I would like to hear feedback...
August 09, 2018
  Buying a Camera Bag
I have been looking for awhile for a new camera bag. It is quite overwhelming. I am going to Crater Lake and down the coast of California. Can't Wait. I have a Think Tank Airport bag which ...
July 02, 2018
  Best Tripods
Was thinking of getting my husband a new tripod for Christmas. We do a lot of hiking and he usually takes his tripod with camera and his 100-400mm lens for wildlife. The one he has now is heavy. Wo...
October 26, 2017
  Looking to buy a Canon 50D and 100-400 mm L lens
Sadly, my Canon 50D and 100-400mm L lens were stolen and looking to replace them while I'm in the States. I actually bought the lens from a Betterphoto member and it served me so wonderfully f...
October 08, 2017
  Macro camera selection
I am posting to ask others who have a passion for macro photography what their preference of camera and lens would be. I have used a Canon 20D and Tamaron 60mm macro lens in the past and had great ...
January 15, 2016
  Camera and Lens Buying Advice
I'm not a professional and not looking to become one, but I studied photography in college. Now that I have time to get back into it, I want to buy a DSLR. I'm a Canon loyalist and after ha...
July 15, 2015
  Which Telephoto Lens - Tamron or Sigma
Hi,I am planning to buy a telephoto lens and do not actually want to shell out lot of money for this. I use a Canon 600D camera body. Considering my requirements I was thinking or either of the fol...
June 26, 2015
  Anyone own the Sony Cybershot DSC 100 iii
I've had a few SLR's over the past several years, but I am looking for something that is small, affordable and functions like an SLR.I've heard that the Sony Cybershot DSC 100 Version 3...
December 30, 2014
I'm a beginner and just purchased a Nikon D3200 24 MP DSLR can anyone give me a opinion on this camera....
December 29, 2014
  Slide & Movie Film Scanner
Does anyone out there have any experience using a Wolverine F2D 20MP 7-in-1 Film to Digital Converter? I have a good quality scanner for photos, but I'm wondering if this particular unit would...
December 02, 2014
  High End Premium Compact
looking for opinions on the best premium compact camera to but when the following things are most important to me, listed in order of importance:Image qualitycapability to shoot in RAWfast shutter ...
December 22, 2014
  Which camera
I am looking for a good beginners DSLR and debating between Nikon D5300, D3200, Canon Rebel T5i and Pentax K-50. Anyone have information?...
July 14, 2016
  Which lens to buy?
Does anyone own the Tamron 150-600 mm lens. I am looking to buy that lens or the Canon 100-400 mm lens, mainly for capturing images of birds etc. Having a hard time deciding which way to go. Any...
October 31, 2014
  Another Lens Question
I've been looking through the Q&A but haven't been able to find a satisfactory answer to my question. I am currently shooting with a 7D, mostly high school football (on the sidelines). Last...
October 31, 2014
  Mirror less cameras by FUJI - X 10
HI allI am planning to buy a FUJI FILM x10- model mirror less cameraAlthough I own a canon kit with 2 bodies and a few prime lenses which are bulky to carry when going oout on family trips and walk...
August 16, 2014
  mirrorless cameras
Has anyone had experience with mirrorless cameras? I purchased a Panasonic GX7 and a few lenses recently and am seriously considering using it as a replacement for my DSLR. I have been finding i...
July 07, 2014
  2 axis pan tilt vs 3 axis pan tilt
Does any body have any experience with pan tilt head for crane/jib?Which pan tilt head is better 2 axis or 3 axis?One of my friends gave me following options.The price is quite good and quality see...
June 28, 2014
  Black and white negative scanner
Have some black and white large older negatives I would like to scan and print. Need info on what type of scanner I need. The negative are about 2x4 inches....
July 21, 2014