BetterPhoto Q&A: Problems with Images

Have questions regarding resizing photos for websites? How about taking pictures without shadows? Check this section out to find some answers.

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  Sharpening when uploading photos
When uploading I never select any of the sharpening options. On some recent uploads I noted that the images, when uploaded, were surprisingly unsharp compared to my original. Even with added sharpe...
April 25, 2021
  Technical Help
This isn’t exactly a question about photography, or improving my skills in photography. It’s more about a technical issue with the website. I need to be able to download some of my own images (...
March 01, 2021
  Website issue
For the past 2 days I have been unable to respond to comments. The error message is regarding the recap security. It says it happens sometimes if on site longer than 2 min before posting yet I simp...
February 27, 2024
  Cannot open my photos in my gallery or elsewhere
When I go to "view my gallery" I only get file names, no thumbnails and no way to open photos. What is happening? Also, whenever I try to load your page, it comes up as "Not secure". PLease help...
October 02, 2021
  Picture Changing Hue/Temperature When Uploading
Is anyone seeing what appears to be a hue or temperature change (i.e. warming) of your original picture after uploading it to your gallery?...
September 26, 2020
  Can’t post a comment
I can open images, but the comment block seems to be missing. I know Jim has been working on the pages, and he may already know about this, but I just wondered how long before we could post commen...
June 05, 2020
  upload difficulty
For the past few days this site will not accept my contest entry uploads, only the resubmits...HELP!!!Thank you!...
May 11, 2020
Is anyone else having trouble uploading. I can't get mine to load....
April 18, 2020
  need to rotate image upload
just uploaded new image titled Dead Saguaro for some reason original was rotated how do I make it right again dont understand why it was changed. thanks...
March 31, 2020
  How to contact of a BP rep/admin person
Sorry to have to post this here. For MANY months I've attempted multiple times using various avenues to contact BP admin re account issues. Not a hint of a response. There is no direct contact ...
February 22, 2020
1st of the year, and I tried to enter into contest and I see none of the problems on this site have been corrected....very disappointing.....I joined back again in Oct/Nov and I do not see any prog...
February 02, 2020
  I deleted a photo, however it still shows in my ga
I can click on the image in my gallery, however, it shows it not there, but I want it removed. I tried several times trying to get it out of my gallery, with image number, and title..etc......
March 26, 2020
  Photos not displaying
I have a few photos that won't display in my gallery and Can't figure out how to fix this issue...any ideas? They are also entered into this months contest but the photos are not displayed...
December 16, 2019
  Photos missing from gallery and contest
I just realized that many of my photos do not show up in my gallery. Not only are they missing in my gallery; I can't find them when I went to my Manage/Enter. The missing images are my more r...
December 06, 2019
  Previous Entries of the Past Month
I have tried to reach out to Jim, said my problem has been corrected....but it is not. When you view the Previous Month's entries.....Does the page only show 11 entries? Is there a way to red...
November 28, 2019
  What file type/size to use here
I am seeing really sharp images when I browse photos. Mine look good on my monitor but uploaded lack some sharpness. Normally I do my editing, then I save as jpg for myself. Then I save for web in ...
March 10, 2019
  How do I change the position of my photo?
I uploaded a photo and it is displayed incorrectly...landscape instead of portrait. It was correctly displayed in my files when uploading. I can't figure out how to change this. This has hap...
December 15, 2018
  Saving my own larger images to my own computer
I uploaded almost a thousand pictures here over the past 12 years or so. A couple of years ago, my computer was destroyed and the only good copies I have of my own work are located here. Even in my...
November 09, 2018
  Photo Size Requirements
Some of my images are not viewable after successfully uploading. Are there specific size requirements?...
May 09, 2018
  Why I suddenly can't upload images to my gallery.
As of a few days ago, I keep getting page error messages when I try to upload an image. My images are correctly sized--in fact, they are always actually smaller than your recommended size--so size...
April 23, 2018