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  Where are the January 31 entries
Entries submitted to last month's contest on January 31 are not in the "Previous Month's entries). Are they in the contest?...
February 13, 2020
  Monthly theme is...?
I used to ask for the monthly theme to be announced prior to the 1st of the can we just get it on time?...
February 01, 2020
  Canon Powershot Cameras
I was looking to try a point and shoot camera just for a "carry in my purse" type of thing so I will have always have it with me. I would like to try one with at least a 50x zoom. Has anyone ever u...
February 12, 2020
  December Countdown Thread
December Countdown ThreadWelcome to the December Countdown Forum.We didn't have much participation in this thread last month. perhaps the holidays kept everyone busy. Let's try it again t...
January 28, 2020
I'm afraid this page has died a slow death! With the disappearance of the EP's, which always started this page off with comments and sharing, has dwindled to nothing! It's lonely here...
February 08, 2020
1st of the year, and I tried to enter into contest and I see none of the problems on this site have been corrected....very disappointing.....I joined back again in Oct/Nov and I do not see any prog...
February 02, 2020
  Congrats to all the beautiful Finalists for Novemb
Wow! What a nice surprise...I somehow managed to get 15 Staff Favorites and 13 Finalists for November! A new record for me! Congrats to everybody else who posted gorgeous images and got Finalists!...
December 31, 2019
  November Countdown Thread
Welcome to the November Countdown Forum.I hope that the Holidays find you in good spirits!There are so many fabulous photo posted on BP. So many very inspiring works of time and talent. I like this...
February 28, 2020
  How Long Have You Been Here?
This really isn't a question, but more of a comment. I just rejoined after being away from this site for awhile and I am very happy to see that lots of the people that I knew here are still he...
January 02, 2020
  I deleted a photo, however it still shows in my ga
I can click on the image in my gallery, however, it shows it not there, but I want it removed. I tried several times trying to get it out of my gallery, with image number, and title..etc......
March 26, 2020
  Do they still give Editor's Picks?
I feel like I am in the dark w/ BP. When the website changed awhile back I had editors picks that were taken away. I havent gotten one since at least June 2019 maybe before. I feel my photography c...
March 21, 2024
  Photos not displaying
I have a few photos that won't display in my gallery and Can't figure out how to fix this issue...any ideas? They are also entered into this months contest but the photos are not displayed...
December 16, 2019
  My Photos Not Appearing
This is the wrong place to say this, but couldn't find any appropriate place. My gallery is paid until 2021, but my images are not appearing. Anybody else having problems?...
December 11, 2019
  Can't Upload
Cannot upload this morning...........a tiny little box and no info....anyone else having problems?I rejoined BP hoping all the problems would be resolved....but I am finding that there are more pro...
December 10, 2019
  Entries for Nov have gone missing
Entries I submitted on the 30th, which showed as entered in my “current entries” have gone missing in “my previous month’s entries”. Anyone else have this problem?...
December 09, 2019
  Catch All
Catch All category is missing Jim!!!...
December 05, 2019
  Monthly themes
I just don’t get why we cannot get the monthly themes in time for the 1st of the month...does this frustrate anyone else?...
December 05, 2019
  Photos missing from gallery and contest
I just realized that many of my photos do not show up in my gallery. Not only are they missing in my gallery; I can't find them when I went to my Manage/Enter. The missing images are my more r...
December 06, 2019
  October Countdown Thread
Welcome to the October Countdown Forum. There are so many fabulous photo posted on BP. So many very inspiring works of time and talent. I like this thread because its purpose is for each of us to ...
December 24, 2019
  Previous Entries of the Past Month
I have tried to reach out to Jim, said my problem has been corrected....but it is not. When you view the Previous Month's entries.....Does the page only show 11 entries? Is there a way to red...
November 28, 2019