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Can anyone recommend a good variable 500 or 600mm lens for a pentax p-30 manual focus camera. Thanks Phil...
September 12, 2005
  Dark Room
What equipment do I need for a dark room or tempary dark room?And,how do I use the equipment.Ball park what am I looking at in a finical bracket to get the supplies?And,where can I find them?At a l...
March 04, 2002
  Dpi when downloading and printing
I am confused about dpi when photographing for print. No matter which file format I choose; TIFF or jPeg when I open the photo in my PhotoShop program it shows the dpi at 72. I thought the dpi woul...
February 18, 2003
  Center Weight Metering
I am interested in getting a fully manual 35mm slr (Vivitar V3800N) that has center weight metering. What are good techniques for getting correct exposure. Would I always have to put the subject de...
September 09, 2005
  what does ASA stand for
what does ASA stand for?...
April 25, 2002
  How To Take Pictures of Animals and Landscapes
How do I take pictures of landscapes? How do I take pictures of animals?...
February 25, 2002
I'm considering converting to slide film. My questions are: 1. Aside from the sharpeness, are there any guidelines to establish what is considered under/over exposure/contrast and grain? 2. Wha...
February 20, 2002
What does the term copystand mean?pretty simple sounding question, only I can't seem to find the answer....
February 19, 2002
  Lost photos
My problem is< I took my digital camera on vacation. When I arrived home and was about to retrieve my photos I noticed they had all vanished from the camera. My question is, could they have been er...
February 20, 2002
  Why Can't I Comment on Photos Anymore?
If you have been wondering where the Photo Discussions have gone, don't worry. They are in the shop for repair and will be back very soon....
February 25, 2002
  Printing in E-Book Format
Good day! Does anyone know how I would print an MS PowerPoint slide handput page, 2 slides per page on to a pre-formatted photo paper, specifically 5x7 size Kodak Premium Picture Paper? Software fr...
September 03, 2005
  Camera Lens and Image Stabilizer
I am looking to buy a 75-300mm lens for my Elan 7e camera. I want to know if the "Image Stabilizer" feature is worth the extra money.Thanks...
April 21, 2002
  Lens 28-80mm - What the Fstops #s Mean
Does the fstop 3.3-5.6 marking on a lens mean you can only shoot between these f stops? The camera specs say that f22 is possible....
September 24, 2002
  What Does It Mean to Push Film?
Can someone fully explain in detail what push processing film actually means? How does the LAB do this? A full definition would be most helpful. Then I will know exactly how to achieve this myself....
March 20, 2024
  Tripods and Monopods for Action Photography?
Are tripods and/or monopods used in action/sports photography? Also, is a "monolight" a type or brand of monopod? Thanks for taking the time to answer....
February 13, 2002
  Shooting from a Cruise Ship
I will be going on a Crystal Cruise (Harmony) from San Francisco to the Alaskan glaciers and back in July. Having been on an Inside Passage cruise before, I know I'll see great shots from the ...
February 17, 2002
  Polarizing Filters - Linear vs. Circular
I'm wanting to buy a couple of polarizing filters. I looked at ebay and they have linear and circular polarizing filters.What is the difference and which would be best for me?I use a manual foc...
March 27, 2004
  Metering Modes on Nikon 35mm SLR
I have a great Nikon 6006, but I have trouble to understand when to use its three metering modes (matrix, center, spot). When should I use each mode? Thanks,...
February 01, 2002
  Image Mangement Software
Any suggestions for an image management software? I have 20 years of negatives and slides that I am currently scanning with a Nikon Coolscan 4000, and would like more than an Excel spreadsheet for...
April 16, 2002
  Installing Digital Camera
Hi from Scarborough, North Yorks, UK. I have easily installed my scanner and have no problems with that. But Santa Claus bought me a Fugifilm Finepix 1400 Zoom digital camera. I have installed and...
May 04, 2003