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The EPS are coming....
July 27, 2020
  Viewing BP on my phone
I cannot use my phone for anything having to do with BP! I tried commenting on a POTD but after writing my comment there was no way I could post it. When I try viewing my gallery, if I have a verti...
July 09, 2020
  No Sharpening
I want to be in control of how where, and how much, a photo is sharpened. I selected 'No Sharpening' when I uploaded a picture. But after uploading an image it appears over sharpened, unnat...
July 09, 2020
  Photo in Contest with my name on it
But it's not mine and has someone else's copyright on it....
December 14, 2023
  Picture Changing Hue/Temperature When Uploading
Is anyone seeing what appears to be a hue or temperature change (i.e. warming) of your original picture after uploading it to your gallery?...
September 26, 2020
  Contest categories
I am trying to look at the finalists by category but I am not sure how to do it. So if I want to look at the animals category for June (cats) how can I do that....
June 30, 2020
  May Countdown Thread
Welcome to the May Countdown ThreadI am a little late this month as I am getting thrown off by COVID. Photography can be a great escape form the COVID-blues. There are so many fabulous photo post...
July 26, 2020
  Changing Category
I used to be able to change the category of a contest entry using the drop-down menu in Manage/Enter. Yesterday I entered a photo in Catch-all. Today I decided Elements of Design would be a bette...
June 23, 2020
The Ep's are coming. Good luck every one....
July 01, 2020
  Landing or Home Page
I have my homepage preference set to Recent Entries, but lately that's not what's coming up. Instead I land on the list of membership options. I double checked to make sure my preference ...
June 08, 2020
  My contest photos do not show up in feed
I have entered 10 photos in the Birds (Animals) category and do not show up in feed. Display photo selected: youClyde Smitj...
July 03, 2020
  Can’t post a comment
I can open images, but the comment block seems to be missing. I know Jim has been working on the pages, and he may already know about this, but I just wondered how long before we could post commen...
June 05, 2020
  manage/enter screens not working?
Is anyone else unable to get to their "Manage/Enter" Screens? It looks like it's going to open, then just sits there with no information showing....
June 02, 2020
  Previous months contest entries
My current months entries are showing in both my current months entries and my previous months entries. I have no way of seeing my previous months entries. Anyone else having this problem?...
May 30, 2020
  removing photo from contest
I am doing a daily meditation for our church as we are on shut-down do to covid-19. I use photos from my gallery to produce the meditations. I enter the photo into the contest so that I can go to ...
May 22, 2020
  April Countdown Thread
Welcome to the April Countdown Thread Glad you could join us here!Help me try to revitalized this fun thread. I have recently had some health problems and I have let this slide but all is good now!...
May 31, 2020
The Ep's are coming....
May 29, 2020
Are there any news about the photo's puzzles?...
May 27, 2020
  Number of displayed images
Jim, I noticed we are only able to see 1000 images in our galleries. Those of us who have deluxe websites are supposed to be able to display unlimited images, and when I asked about this several m...
May 25, 2020
  upload difficulty
For the past few days this site will not accept my contest entry uploads, only the resubmits...HELP!!!Thank you!...
May 11, 2020