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  Interested in learning art photography? Want to become a master photographer? The following questions and answers are divided into two main groups - digital imaging and traditional, film-based photography. Learn the techniques of both here. If you want to learn more about how to make great photos take Jed Manwaring's Getting Started: How to Make Great Photographs online photography course.
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  Do-It-Yourself Reflectors
Hi. I want to start using reflectors but I don't want to buy them. I heard white cardboard ...
12/13/2005 6:51:01 AM
  Photographing Through a Window Screen
What are the camera settings for shooting thru a window screen?...
12/11/2005 6:23:48 PM
  JPEG Vs. Tiff Confusion
So I understand the degradation that happens when you save a photo as a JPEG each time. Here'...
12/8/2005 1:33:27 PM
  Weather Factors and Camera Gear
I read somewhere that you have to put your camera equipment in plastic bags when you are taking i...
12/8/2005 11:54:35 AM
  Camera Batteries
I like taking pictures of scenery and would like to get some winter ones but find that the batter...
12/7/2005 8:28:23 AM
  Photoshop: Motion Blur
I'm trying to do a picture for my husband for Christmas of him on his motorcycle. I want it t...
12/3/2005 8:47:38 AM
  Christmas Tree Pictures
I would like to know if there would be a problem taking a subject in front of a christmas tree wi...
12/3/2005 7:28:38 AM
  Portrait Lighting Kit
Hello allUp until now I've been shooting sports and nature. I keep getting asked to do portr...
11/30/2005 4:40:08 PM
  Picturing People Wearing Eyeglasses
How do you take a picture of a child with eyeglasses and not get a reflection of the glasses?...
11/30/2005 12:06:56 PM
  Megapixels: Are They Worth the Money?
I have thought about upgrading in the future, but I can't decide if megapixels are really wor...
11/30/2005 8:12:55 AM

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