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  Interested in learning art photography? Want to become a master photographer? The following questions and answers are divided into two main groups - digital imaging and traditional, film-based photography. Learn the techniques of both here. If you want to learn more about how to make great photos take Jed Manwaring's Getting Started: How to Make Great Photographs online photography course.
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  Taking Pictures in a Nightclub
I'm going out tomorrow night to see one of my favorite local bands play at the bar. I'm p...
12/29/2005 1:39:13 PM
  Use or Mis-Use of Sharpening Adjustment
I have had 5.1mp Sony for almost 2 yrs. I usually edit the pictures adding a little sharpness as ...
12/27/2005 8:29:27 PM
  ISO: Still Vs. Moving Subjects
I just got a Kodak p850 for Christmas and I need help on what to set the ISO to when taking pictu...
12/27/2005 1:03:38 PM
  Noise Reduction Software for CS2
I've got Photoshop CS2 and need to purchase a noise reducing software package to complement m...
12/21/2005 4:20:52 PM
  What Is Buzz?
I've been looking at a lot of photos in "Digital Darkroom" on BP, and I see that many discuss...
12/20/2005 6:16:20 PM
  Storing Photos - CD, DVD, R, RW
I am a little confused (a lot really) about storing photos on discs. After uploading your photos ...
12/20/2005 4:29:20 AM
  Wedding Photography: No Photos During Ceremony?
I have a wedding next weekend, and pastor has said "No photography" during ceremony. So I am just...
12/19/2005 7:15:40 PM
  How to Shoot Candles
I am trying to take some shots of a lit candle. However, when I look at the final outcome, there...
12/17/2005 10:04:48 AM
  Keeping Track of Settings
I would like to know how you keep track of every setting that you take for every picture? Do you ...
12/15/2005 6:16:04 AM
  Tips on Sunset Photography
What do Know about sunset photography?...
12/14/2005 6:55:16 PM

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