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This photography site has been guiding online photographers since March 23, 1996. For the first few years, it was called Graphique; then we changed our name to BetterPhoto.com.

BetterPhoto's Purpose, Mission and Values

Our mission is to help you say "YES!" to your creative dreams. Read more about BetterPhoto's mission and purpose

BetterPhoto's Origin Story

Early in 1996, Jim Miotke, the Founder of BetterPhoto.com, got inspired to explore Web publishing, when a friend shared her experiences creating an online college thesis. Seeing the power of online publishing, Jim did a virtual backflip and dove whole-heartedly into Web development. He listened to the wisdom: "Write about what you love" and, since he had a passion for photography, Jim published his Top Ten Photography Tips. The rest is history. This short article served to launch what was to become the premier educational Web site on photography.

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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Here's more about our high standards on privacy...
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BetterPhoto may advertise anywhere on our site, but will not advertise on our member's Deluxe or Pro Web sites without their permission. BetterPhoto does not allow intrusive advertising. Advertising may be found to match specific images, titles, or descriptions. BetterPhoto reserves the right to change advertising on the site at any time.

Our Copyright

Unless otherwise noted, photos, graphics, and text - Copyright © Jim Miotke, All Rights Reserved. Some articles are authored by guest contributors and other BetterPhoto staff members; for example, many articles are authored by Denise Miotke. No content or photos may be copied or used without written permission from the author or artist who holds copyright of their work. Do not copy other peoples pictures or text without their permission.

You Retain Copyright for Your Photos

BetterPhoto Members retain copyright to the photos they upload to BetterPhoto.com.

Affiliate Offers

BetterPhoto offers members products and services through programs such as Adobe Creative Cloud and << Tradedoubler 3221872 >>.

One More Disclaimer

All advice and information provided on this site is intended to help budding photographers find answers to their questions. However, this site and the persons behind it are not to be held accountable, liable, or responsible in any way for this information or how it is used by the individual.

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