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  APS SLR vs. 35mm
I want to know whether I would be better off buying an APS SLR camera or a 35mm camera? I've...
2/8/2005 1:19:42 PM
  Why Do My Indoor Pictures Always Have a Green Tint
Why are my indoor pictures green tinted?...
2/8/2005 10:28:18 AM
  X-Ray Machine vs. Lead Bag - Who Will Win?
I recently purchased a lead bag to protect my film from the x-ray machine at the airport. My ques...
1/8/2005 8:44:54 PM
  Red-Eye, the Elan 7E, and the 420EX Flash
OK, I have been using the Canon Rebel G for about 8 months. I LOVE it but I wanted something a ...
12/9/2004 9:01:16 PM
  Indoor sports photography
I'm new to this so don't laugh... I'm trying to take pictures of my sons playing indo...
11/29/2004 10:32:16 PM
Where can I find a lab that developes B & W 's using fiber base paper. I want to learn to...
11/21/2004 12:26:33 AM
  Yashica Camera SLR
I have a Yashica "FX-Dse quartz" SLR. I'm not sure how to use it! Every once in a while the b...
10/12/2004 1:22:39 PM
  What do you think of the Nikon N2000?
I have a Nikon fg-20 and it has been a great camera. I started a long time ago with a Pentax k-1...
10/7/2004 8:31:42 AM
  Medium Format Cameras
I am an amateur photographer getting into serious professional photography. I want to do fashion...
10/5/2004 6:17:58 AM
  Shooting Homes Using Digital
Our little photgraphy company, Mc Square, has been retained by a branch of Coldwell Banker Real E...
10/4/2004 1:00:24 PM
  Camera Maintenance
I have a Minolta XG1 camera that I purchased probably 20 years ago. I found it too complicated a...
9/12/2004 6:59:28 PM
  Darkroom Equipment
I would like to set up a simple black and white darkroom in my home...what am I looking at in ter...
8/1/2004 7:02:12 PM
  Top 100 independent stock agencies
I am looking for a listing of the top 100 independent stock agencies. I would like to know what o...
6/12/2004 7:22:52 PM
  Cokin or Tiffen?
I am sort of new to photography. I have done a lot of research, and for my budget, even though I...
5/23/2004 5:11:32 AM
What kind of lens will give my photo's that "fisheyed" look?...
4/2/2004 7:46:31 AM
  Old Time Photos with Digital Camera
I am interested in photography for my pre-1840 re-enactments. I have seen the old time photo'...
3/4/2004 7:52:53 PM
  Why Would Anyone Ever Shoot Wide Open?
What's the purpose of shooting pictures with a larger opening like f/8 when there is a sunset...
1/26/2004 9:19:58 AM
  Requesting Comments on Composition, DOF, etc.
Hi! I'm a beginner and would like some comments on this picture. I feel it's not bad at a...
12/17/2003 1:56:30 PM
  Nightime Sports Photography
I love taking sports photography especially of our local high school football team. But the games...
10/27/2003 8:44:51 AM
  Why Won't My Camera Take Pictures in Low Light?
I was attending a wedding this past weekend and was asked to take some photos of the reception. ...
9/30/2003 6:22:30 AM
  Olympus C-2100 Ultra Zoom with Windows ME
I just purchased the Olympus C-2100 Ultra Zoom. I run Windows ME. I can't get Windows to re...
5/4/2003 3:39:59 PM
  Taking Pictures of Small Animals and Birds
I have a 35mm with a zoom lens but when I take pictures of small animals and birds the distance I...
4/11/2003 3:47:26 PM
  Nikkor Portrait Lens
I have a /product/productDetail.asp?productID=792">Nikon N80 and I want to buy the best Nikko...
2/28/2003 2:07:59 PM
  Framing/Cropping for Sunsets and/or Reflections
I am a beginning photographer. I'm wondering if you have any advice about the proper way to...
1/21/2003 11:26:20 AM
  Film Type Question
I typically use your basic /product/productDetail.asp?productID=340">Kodak Gold or /product/p...
12/1/2002 11:11:29 PM

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