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Photography Field Techniques

How to Make Better Photos
Want to improve your photographs as well as find answers to your most puzzling questions? Explore the following avenues on the art of photography.
Ten Tips to Get Better Results
Here's a quick course to help you get greater satisfaction from your finished product.
   bulletTop Ten Tips
   bulletPrinter-Friendly Version
   bulletRule of Thirds
Black and white photography
Ever wonder what the big fuss is all about regarding black and white photography?
   bulletMerits of B&W Photography
   bulletDeveloping Your Own Film
   bulletYour Own Darkroom
Field techniques in photography
Learn various photographic tricks and techniques.
   bulletGood Concert Photography
   bulletBackpacking with a Camera
   bulletHow to Shoot Fireworks
   bulletMake your own Backdrops
   bulletPhotograph Home Interiors
   bulletObtain Correct Exposure
   bulletShoot Slides of Paintings
Polaroid Transfers

French Press

It is amazing how creative you can get with a few packs of Polaroid film, a DayLab, and a selection of your favorite slides. When you place a fully developed Polaroid in hot water for a few minutes, for example, the image separates from the paper, allowing you to stretch, rip, fold, scrunch, or twist it any way you like.
   bulletImage Transfers
   bulletEmulsion Transfers
SnapShot Newsletter Archives
Check out all issues of previously published SnapShots - our free weekly email newsletter.
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PhotoFlash Archives
Check out all previously published issues of PhotoFlash newletters - our free monthly email on photographic techniques.
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Questions and Answers about Photography
Ask, answer, or browse questions on photography.
   bulletFrequently Asked Questions
   bulletPhoto Q&A
Working With Labs
Learn more about your options with getting your slides, color negatives, or black and white developed and printed.
   bulletMail-Order Labs
Quotations about Photography
Great for everything from trivia games to general knowledge of master photographers.
Glossary of Terms
It can be difficult to sit down and go through vocabulary lessons. However, going over flashcards and learning how to use the terms words is the first step toward learning. BetterPhoto's Glossary of Terms is a great place to start and a helpful reference.
Fun with Photography
Our culture has completely embraced photography. Every day offers fun new facts, interesting tidbits, and trivia treats about photography.
   bulletPhoto Trivia Quiz

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