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Photography Question 
Lori Ditlefsen

member since: 5/21/2003
  2781 .  What Can Be Used In A Photo Contest
If you own a popular character figure and shoot it at home, can it be entered into a photo contest? Or does that fall into the catagory of needing a model release form?

1/25/2004 12:31:30 PM

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Photography Question 

member since: 1/23/2004
  2782 .  International Library of Photography
ok everyone, I was just wondering if I don't send back in the artist's proof, can they use my photo anyway? their letter makes it seem that I will still be in the contest but without my signing the proof they cannot publish it. I have not desire to be published it their book and I certainly don't want them to be able to use or sell my photo in any way without me knowing. just curious to hear from anyone else who didn't send back the card. thanks for your time and happy shutterbugging to everyone!

1/23/2004 10:39:18 PM

Jon Close
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/18/2000
  There is not "contest." This group is simply a vanity press. If you want your photo "published" (maybe) then send the card and the $$ for the book. Do a Google search on "International Library of Photography" and read the warnings/complaints.

1/24/2004 6:16:58 AM


member since: 1/23/2004
  thanks but my hope was NOT to be in or to buy their book. I was asking if anyone knew if I just ignored thier proof letter and didn't send anything back would they still be able to sell or publish my photo if they wanted to. I do not want anything to do with them or their contest and I certainly don't want them to be able to make money off my photo. thanks. dotty

1/24/2004 12:52:04 PM

Jessica Hughes
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 10/23/2003
  Hi Dotty.
They wanted to publish a few of my photo's, which I didn't want. You have to sign the release and send it back to them for them to publish your photo's. If you haven't signed anything, they cannot publish your work. They are running quite a scam. I think they sell their books only to the artists that are published in them.

1/31/2004 6:29:29 AM

Jose A. Hernandez

member since: 2/1/2004
  It's funny to me because I had seen these complaints a couple of days ago right here on betterphoto, and today I received notice of one photograph of mine they want to publish. I will take their side for a second.

I must have read at least five times on the letter they sent me that no you are not required to buy anything. They need you to sign that form because if it is in fact a stolen image, the owner could sue them. They probably don't want that and wouldn't publish without it. But if you decided you don't want them to publish your photograh, then just send them a written notice saying so. That would just be the more polite and professional course of action. Also Jessica, I just looked a few of their books on amazon and they are for sale to the public. They are not quite the bestsellers, but they are there.

Finally, to their credit I would like to say that they do mention when you submit your photographs to them that they may be published. And from your comments you sound as if they are trying to steal the photograph from you. That competition is for amateur photographers and it makes sense to assume most amateurs, like myself, would be happy to have their photos published.

I would understand why you are so protective if you are a professional, and then of course you don't want other agencies selling your hard work. I am happy to let them publish my photo because it is still my photo, but I won't bother buying the book simple because I own the photo and the model, one of my cats, from whom I get enough headaches. Of course they will try sell you the books and their mothers, its capitalism. Wher have you been for the last 20 years???
I'll see you around boys and girls.

2/6/2004 5:02:26 PM

Johna S. Rerko

member since: 3/13/2004
  hello, I just found this site by chance and I wanted to repond. I have sumitted 2 pictures to the isp. they have both been chosen to be published. I was also sent a letter telling me I was excepted to recieve the outstanding amtuer photographers award for a picture that I did not send the artist's proof signature back on. as they are still publishing this photo and I am still recieving an award.I have looked this company up on the better business bureau.for the simple fact is that I had been asked to attend the convention in washintion D.C and this costing $600.00 plus motel and travel. I was cautions. they have been in business since 1997 and as for what the BBB has to say is good, there are no complaints or bad marks on their record. I am taking their side for this and I am attending the convention as well as recieving my award. I have bought the book that my 2 photos are being plubished in as well as the plaque. however the answer to your question is yes they can publish your photo without your signture as they are awarding me with an award for a photo that I didn't sign the artist proof for.
thanks for your time and good luck.

3/13/2004 9:04:52 AM

Jose A. Hernandez

member since: 2/1/2004
  hhhmmm... well johna answered your question. To what I would still suggest you contact them and tell them you want out. but look closely trhough their website....and if there is a small print anywhere that says they can publish it.....well....good luck with the lawyers...because then they could legally steal that picture...let us know how they treat you!!!
good luck
Jose Antonio

3/13/2004 9:35:15 PM

Gary  Yong

member since: 3/4/2004
  Jose, I too have been told they want to publish my picture, and yes they state repeatedly that this is at no cost to me, and that I may or may not purchase the book. Therefore I thought to myself, I have nothing to lose if I don't buy the book and there is nothing they can get from me if they were in fact scam. But here is the truth: they only publish your picture in the copy they send you, and only the copies you order will contain your picture. You have taken the bait if you have sent the money; if you haven't, you're safe, but you won't be published either. The very fact that there are so many complaints out there about them should be a fairly obvious sign that they are at best a shady operation. The whole Convention thing is of course an outright scam: what are you being nominated for? A contest for which you have to be present to participate in and for which you haven't even submitted your entry to(since you have to take the pictures there at the convention)? And $500 to attend? You could buy those plaques and medallion and cherry-wood base nonsense yourself with $500. The whole concern about who owns what rights is beside the point; they are unlikely to go down that risky road, and they are only concerned about taking your money upfront. They are what is known as "Vanity Press". Type in the keywords and see how much upset all this has generated. I too have had the disapointment in discovering the shadiness of what I had believed to be a genuine accomplishment. So this is not meant to be condescending, and do your own research to be certain for yourself. I am sorry that this is all wrong and upsetting for all of us.


3/24/2004 10:33:36 PM

Jose A. Hernandez

member since: 2/1/2004
  Wow...Thanks for the info on the scam gary. makes sense. I don't have time to look around, but i'll take your word. I didn't purchase anything before, and won't ever now. I did notice the bit about the conference and how that is BS...ooops...the FCC maybe online....beware!..the government is controlling comunication media...soon you nude photography fanatics won't be able to exhibit your work.
Down with the international library of photography!!! That's it! lets go to washignton and sabotage their rip off conference!!!'s two o'clock in the morning and I have to finish writing a document. Coffee!!!!

3/24/2004 10:49:04 PM

Christy Seiley

member since: 3/29/2004
  Don't know ie this helps anyone but it I too got a letter about being published so I actually called the phone # that was included and the operator basically said YOU BUY SPOTS in the book and book buyers get spots then "contest winners" get spots and if there are spaces left they fill in with the rest of "the chosen ones". sounds like they choose almost everyone and whoever buys books gets published.

3/29/2004 10:43:54 AM

Leanne M.E. Boyd
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 4/16/2003
  Yes they can. I sent in a photo, that wasn't that great, and did not send back any of the proofs, requests or backups. They still tell me I'm invited for mega dollars to the convention, and for more money, I still can be featured.

3/31/2004 10:40:42 AM

Kim Paradeses

member since: 3/24/2004
  I was told over a year ago that a photo was chosen to be published. I did not buy the book, but sent in the signed artist proof. I can still today pull up my picture and it says it will be published in the next book. They have published quite a few books since I was selected, but are yet to put my picture in a book.

3/31/2004 12:12:16 PM

Johna S. Rerko

member since: 3/13/2004
  hello all, I wanted to get back to you about that BIG $ convention. I did infact attend the convention and it was fablous. it was held at the washinton hilton in down town D.C. about 1500 people attend infact.there were lectures and workshops going non-stop from 9am till 11 pm for 3 days, the baquet dinner and the awards cermony. all the famous photographers that they claimed to be attending this convention were indeed there. the awards were real.. I recommond anyone who gets invitied to these conventions in the near future to attend them. I had a great time and learned alot from the guest speakers. and I got to tour D.C. this convention was well worth the $600.00 that it cost me to get there.. thanks

4/5/2004 11:00:47 AM

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Photography Question 
James OBrien

member since: 6/10/2002
  2783 .  Contest entries
I noticed that a lot of winners in the contest are digitially enhanced or manipulated. Should there be a seperate catagroy for digital enhanced images? Jay O'Brien

1/23/2004 6:12:02 PM

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Photography Question 
YaVonne D. Robinson

member since: 1/23/2004
  2784 .  What's up with ILP
I too, received a "artists proof", and after reading all the comments, I will not return anything! I was so happy to seen a response I almost feel for it....thank God I did not. I still treasure my photo called, "hand of God!" Thank you all for the info!

1/23/2004 11:45:54 AM

Marla Drayton

member since: 2/12/2004
  I would love to see your "hand of God photo." Would you be willing to post it here? I'm a digital designer for a national portrait studio company and I had designed a border with Santa's hands holding a present where a portrait is placed in the present. Anyways, my original idea was God's hands in the clouds so that the hands would sort of embrace the subject, but my concept evolved into Santa's hands instead. So I was curious as to what you photo looks like. Unlike ILP, I promise NOT to steal your photograph. :-)

I too entered ILP's contest. I snapped a picture of a friend's 10 month old baby sitting on a log last summer. While I did not buy the book, I did sign a release allowing them to publish the picture cuz I figured it would be cool to see if it actually would get published. Any time a contest or "free" offer asks for money I'm always leary and never send money for anything if I'm supposed to win something or get something for free. I did not, however, think about the possiblity of them selling my photo on a stock photography site without my permission. They had sent me another letter later stating that I could license my photo and earn money if it sold. Well, I don't feel right about making money off a cute picture of my friend's child so I never turned that in. And I don't want them to make money off it either! I'm glad you didn't sign anything.

At any rate it was a good lesson for me to learn. NEVER sign anything until checking it out first.

Sorry this is so long. If you don't want to post your photo, I totally understand.

2/12/2004 10:40:44 PM

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Photography Question 
Sonia Hernandez

member since: 1/17/2004
  2785 .  Uploading pictures
How do I know when my picture files are done uploading? I've tried uploading one and then 6 and don't seem to get any confirmation. I'm on a DSL line so usually I don't have long upload times. Thoughts??

1/23/2004 10:04:36 AM

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Photography Question 
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/19/2004
  2786 .  Deluxe Web Site
Hello all,
I am in the process of setting up my DeluxE web site and would like hints from people that already have one, as to the best way to scan my pics and put them into the site. I have had some trouble (I am sure it is the settings I am using on the scanner) having them appear as they do on the original print. Maybe it is the pixels I am using. Does anyone have some hints for me? I want the pics to look as clear and great on the site as they do for real.
Thanks everyone.

1/22/2004 7:09:13 AM

BetterPhoto Member

member since: 1/19/2004
  Oops - forgot to say that obviously I am NOT shooting with a digital camera. I am a 'film' sort o' girl.

1/22/2004 7:13:20 AM

Bob Cammarata
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/17/2003
  Hi Pam, and welcome!
I, too shoot all film (slides), and suffered through the arduous task of trying to re-create the same image quality as my originals.
I upgraded my scanning equipment to a Nikon Coolscan 4000... a bit pricey, but well worth the money for the high quality scans it delivers. Are you scanning prints, or negatives? If you are not using a dedicated film scanner, that might be something to consider. There are many brands and levels of quality available to fit most budgets.

1/22/2004 9:58:58 AM

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Photography Question 
Javier G Rentas

member since: 12/7/2003
  2787 .  Protecting a set of photos
I have noticed that you can create multiple set of photos in your web site.

Can you protect with a password any of the sets, so that only the persons or customers you have can access their photos?

1/22/2004 4:19:53 AM

  Hi Javier-

We don't support this right now, although you are not the first person who has asked for it. It is something we're considering as a future enhancement.

jay at

3/9/2004 10:58:59 AM

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Photography Question 
Arry Sumarwata

member since: 1/15/2004
  2788 .  What is light meter
What is light meter, how to use it, and why we have to use it ?

1/21/2004 1:04:40 AM

Bob Cammarata
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 7/17/2003
  A light meter is a device which measures light, and determines the correct aperature setting for proper exposure.
To use it, first set the meter to the film speed you are using (ASA), then select a shutter speed. Next, hold the meter as close to the subject as possible, with the sensor pointed toward the camera, and activate it. The meter will then indicate the correct f-stop for the shutter speed selected based upon the available light.

Light meters are most useful during difficult lighting situations...such as snowscapes, studio work, and high contrast situations. Under these conditions it is often difficult to get an accurate reading with your in-camera meter.

1/21/2004 5:24:50 AM

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Photography Question 
Michael Marriello

member since: 1/16/2004
  2789 .  Photo Courses
Hi ! :)

Are your Online Courses FREEEEE ?

Just Curious.

Thanks alot !!


1/18/2004 3:36:56 PM

Buddy Purugganan

member since: 8/31/2002
  Sorry Michael but the courses offered have their respective rates. Why not buy the BIG BOOK OF PHOTOGRAPHY by PHOTOgraphic magazine ( order thru ) Its a lot of FUN to read it and very useful for the photo enthusiast of all levels.

1/26/2004 7:35:10 PM

Michael Marriello

member since: 1/16/2004
  Hi Buddy ! :)

Oh it's OK. I'm a "Newbie" here.

Because I'm a poor college student (and Orphan) trying to survive, even though the title sounds tempting.

Oh well..........
thanks for replying !!

1/28/2004 5:57:16 AM

BetterPhoto Member

member since: 5/28/2002
  Hi Michael,

Here are some "free" lessons from Just some articles of techniques in different area of photography. You may learn a few things from there. Good luck.

1/28/2004 7:16:37 AM

Michael Marriello

member since: 1/16/2004
Oh WOW !!

OK, thanks Andy !!

BUT, the link you included is not clickable with my "OLD" RCA webtv plus. :(

1/28/2004 7:25:31 AM

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Photography Question 
Anne Vineyard

member since: 1/18/2004
  2790 .  photo contest
why does it keep saying, "too much time has elapsed; try again"?

1/18/2004 7:10:02 AM

Gregory LaGrange
BetterPhoto Member

member since: 11/11/2003
  File is too big. Make sure the size of the shortest size of the picture is at or below 500 pixels.

1/18/2004 10:28:03 PM

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