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  Outstanding Photography System: Peer Feedback 2017
This is a forum for students of the "Outstanding Photography System 2017".If you are in the above...
9/15/2017 8:29:43 PM
  What's up with the monthly theme,
Is the monthly theme no longer going to be a category???...
9/15/2017 7:34:36 AM
  August 2017 EPs, SFs, Finalists
Ready for comments on the August 2017 contest....
9/13/2017 10:41:19 PM
  Anybody on BP live in Maine?
I seem to remember that there was a map thing so we could see who lived where? We are relocating...
9/12/2017 5:22:03 PM
  Why can't I upload?
I tried to upload a photo to the photo contest four times and it just won't work. I tried the...
9/10/2017 6:40:41 PM
  Re: Forum
I would like to know why someone from the staff of betterphoto doesnt answer member questions per...
9/10/2017 5:39:41 AM
  Sept 2017 EPs, SFs, Finalists
Ready for comments on the Sept 2017 contest....
9/4/2017 8:40:16 PM
  What happened to the visitor counter on my web sit
I can no longer find the option to keep track of visitors on my web site. Where is it?...
9/3/2017 6:22:04 AM
  July Countdown Thread
July Countdown Thread Welcome to the July Countdown Thread.Hi all! Please join us and share on...
9/1/2017 5:04:17 AM
  July 2017 EPs, SFs, Finalists
Ready for comments on the July 2017 contest....
9/1/2017 2:39:23 AM
  Why is BP so painfully slow?
I have been absent for a little while and have started to post again. Trying to comment on photos...
8/31/2017 10:49:14 AM
  Membership Renewal
When my membership was about to expire a few months ago, I wasn't sure if I wanted to renew. ...
8/26/2017 1:08:44 PM
  June Countdown Thread
June Countdown Thread Welcome to the June Countdown Thread. Hi all! Please join us and share one...
8/12/2017 8:54:43 AM
  June 2017 EPs, SFs, Finalists
Ready for comments on the June 2017 contest....
8/2/2017 6:56:39 PM
  POTD badge
Are the POTD badges no longer showing anywhere? I just got one and no matter where I open the im...
7/29/2017 12:32:54 PM
  Outstanding Photography System?
Hi Jim, I need a word of explanation please. In May I recieved the module 4. Looked at it and pos...
7/19/2017 6:40:15 AM
  May countdown Thread
May Countdown Thread Welcome to the May Countdown Thread. Hello all! This was the date that I ha...
7/13/2017 11:55:13 AM
  About the Contest
I really enjoy doing pictures with graphics but I am never sure where to enter them in the photo ...
6/24/2017 4:52:29 PM
  Rotating photos
Once a photo has been uploaded and is in a category, is there a way to rotate it from horizontal ...
6/24/2017 2:25:44 PM
  May 2017 EPs, SFs, Finalists
Ready for comments on the May 2017 contest....
6/17/2017 6:44:53 AM
  Changing Titles
Can you change your image title after entering into contest without deleting it from the contest?...
6/15/2017 5:23:03 PM
  April Countdown Thread
Welcome to the April Countdown Thread. We all waited a long time for spring and I hope that you ...
6/15/2017 8:42:12 AM
  Apr. 2017 EPs, SFs, Finalists
Ready for comments on the Apr. 2017 contest....
6/1/2017 11:19:08 AM
  Why can't I get messages?
I seem to not be able to get messages via my photo gallery. I do have just a free gallery but I t...
5/23/2017 4:34:48 PM
  Posting to FB
I'm thinking about posting the link to my BP gallery to Facebook, and wondering if that's...
5/20/2017 4:44:02 PM

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