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  Here you will find information regarding digital image management software. Everything you need to know to be organized and efficient with your photos is in this Q&A.
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  Best Color Monitor Calibrator System?
I am in need of a color monitor calibration system and could use some feedback as to which brand ...
8/26/2008 5:56:43 AM
  Viewing software
I'm searching for a viewing software which enables adding coments and descriptions with pictu...
12/17/2003 10:18:52 AM
  Choosing a film scanner
Hi,I'm a serious amateur (expensive equipment-limited training and experience) who has no exp...
8/30/2002 12:22:22 AM
  Image Mangement Software
Any suggestions for an image management software? I have 20 years of negatives and slides that I...
4/16/2002 6:43:44 PM
  Photoshop Question - Exposure
I recently took some pictures that were underexposed. Is there a way to lighten the subjects (po...
10/18/2005 4:21:11 AM
  Photoshop CS or Elements?
I use a film camera and take a lot of nature shots and street shots. I want to make minor adjustm...
9/20/2005 6:37:04 PM
  Scanned 35mm slides
I've scanned 1200+ slides using the Minolta Dual Scan III. I scanned them at 1024 x 768 and ...
9/12/2005 12:12:20 AM
  Digital Stand-Alone Storage
I am taking a trip to Europe and do not want to bring my laptop. Has anyone used a stand-alone st...
5/27/2005 8:20:27 AM
  Shooting Raw - Vs. JPEG
I just took my first few photos in studio raw. They look weird. They were really overexposed, a...
5/26/2005 9:48:32 PM
  Update for Photoshop CS2 & Elements 3.0
Good news for those who own Photoshop CS2 or Elements 3.0 and shoot with a digital camera's R...
5/10/2005 5:18:21 PM
  Photoshop Elements 3.0: Is It Good Enough?
I'm interested in buying Photoshop Elements 3.0. Does anyone here use it? Is it a good buy, o...
5/9/2005 10:17:09 AM
  What Photoshop to Buy?
I have recently purchased, and awaiting, the Canon 20D and am slowly getting a business going in ...
12/21/2004 7:45:11 AM

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