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  How to Color B&W Photos
Hello, I was wanting to know what software you could recommend for altering digital photos. I hav...
9/5/2003 1:45:59 PM
  Shooting TIFor JPEG
If I shoot in JPEG, then take my images right out of my camera & save them as TIFs, will the ...
9/2/2003 7:14:23 PM
  Digital Prints
Hi. I am sorry already, I know this will be a stupid question. I am very new to digital photogr...
8/28/2003 5:58:08 PM
  Eos 10D Cropping
Can anyone please explain the cropping on this camera. Also, when the camera crops the photo doe...
8/26/2003 3:18:51 PM
  How to Sharpen
I have been shapening my photos in Photoshop for a long time. We just got a Canon EOS 10D. When...
8/23/2003 5:41:53 PM
  How to Get the Information On the Photo
When I take a picture with my Olympus C-750 and load it into Adobe Photo Elements, how do I find ...
7/29/2003 12:16:27 PM
  How to Fix an Exposure Problem in Photoshop?
I recently purchased a Canon 10D (love it!), but I accidentally shot a whole bunch of photos unde...
7/29/2003 10:24:12 AM
  How to Transfer Picture Files to a CD?
Hello,I recently purchased my first digital camera and is really excited about using it. I've...
7/25/2003 9:30:38 PM
  Matte or Glossy Paper
I want to print my photographs from my computer on to my ink jet printer but which paper should I...
7/20/2003 10:11:05 PM
  What Is"x" Zoom
Hi there, Could any one tell me what does it mean 3x optical zoom 20x optical zoom, 5x digital z...
7/1/2003 9:12:23 AM
  How Megapixels Effect Picture Size
I know that the higher the megapixels the better image quality. My question is, if I own a 6 mega...
7/1/2003 6:10:17 AM
  Image Size and Optimising
Hi, I have a Pentax Optio 330GS 3.2 megapixel camera, and I want to make a website, which has str...
6/26/2003 6:02:01 AM
  Settings for Indoor and Nightime Digital Shooting
I am shooting rodeo events. They are mostly at night with bad outdoor arena lighting or indoors ...
6/10/2003 9:12:03 PM
  Problems with Photoshop Elements 2.0 and Epson 320
Hi, I need help! I'm having problems with Elements 2.0 and my Epson 3200 scanner. It worked f...
6/10/2003 4:52:50 PM
  Shooting Paintings
I am working on my portfolio and would like to know what type of light to use to shoot slides of ...
3/18/2003 5:40:07 AM

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