BetterPhoto Volunteers [Team BPV]

Do you love photography and want to help others enjoy it too?

Do you sometimes feel bored to death and wish you were part of something more meaningful and purposeful?

Want to help me make BetterPhoto even better?

Apply to become a BetterPhoto Volunteer (BPV) here:

BetterPhoto members need you.

Strengths We Need

Here are some of the qualities we need. You don't need to have ALL of these qualities. Which one describes you?

Again, you don't need to have all of these strengths. Each individual on the BPV team will be strong in some areas more than others.


Can you give at least 5 minutes a day to helping BetterPhoto?

We have a great thing going here. I appreciate your participation, interest, and possible help on Team BPV!

Thank you so much,
Jim Miotke, Founder, BetterPhoto

P.S. If you would like to give BetterPhoto 5 minutes a day and be part of something great, apply to become a BetterPhoto Volunteer here: