BetterPhoto's Mission, Purpose, and Values:

We are...

...much more than the world's greatest photography contest. We are a supportive, family-family community centered around online photography education, photo sharing, and web hosting services for photographers.

On a mission...

To help photography enthusiasts unleash their creativity, make new friends, and easily share their [better and better] photos.

And environmentally-friendly...

The only future that works is one with a balanced climate, lots of trees, clean air, clean water, and protected parks. Our goal: help create a home for our children and animals that is sustainable and remarkable for its beautiful vistas.

The fundamentals of our photography education and sharing business are:

In our efforts to help picture-takers around the world, we focus on giving people inspiration primarily by viewing and commenting on each others' better photos. Giving doesn't impoverish anyone; it blesses everyone.

We believe in: