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I took a basic interest in photography in the pre-digital age. I thought I had a pretty good eye for the visually appealing but somehow things changed between the shutter release and when I got the prints back from the lab. Alas, I didn't have the funds to pursue a means of finding out what went wrong.

Enter the digital age. Pocket size cameras with more bells and whistles than you could shove in the truck of a normal sized car! So "point and shoot" was the extent of the image grabbing I did for many years. Then I discovered Photoshop Elements(2) and found I could manipulate the images to improve them. I didn't know what I was doing but a click here and pull a slide there made boring pics pop a bit. I felt I was doing better than the average joe. Until I met and started dating a wedding photographer! And I started seeing what the pros were capturing. OMG!! And then I discovered Flickr! and saw what the serious hobbyist was producing and I was shocked.

Once I saw how beautiful photos could be I was hooked. I wanted to reach for that level of quality. So I invested in a DSLR package deal with 2 lenses and started taking pictures of EVERYTHING. But it was so random. Sure the colours were crisp and the autofocus was sharp and the image stabilized lenses were amazing but they weren't interesting. Now it is my intent to change all that.

I used to hike a lot and come across some beautiful vistas. Now I go geocaching and come across some pretty interesting locations but never I had considered taking pictures or capturing images that might be interesting to see. Now I'd like to combine all that. I ride a motorcycle wherever I go and would surely love to stop and shoot at every given opportunity. I also go out on the water and paddle in outrigger canoes. I used to race and found all those people coming together on a stretch of beach with all those colourful canoes visually interesting but the images I shot were ... well, boring. I must have been missing something. So here I am looking to find out.

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