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My first photo was of my grandma, taken with a box camera at the age of 8 yrs - I must have fluked it, her head was slightly angled and the natural light did not cast any shadows. Grandma loved it so much she paid me $0.50. My first lay-by was a Kodak instamatic, wow what technology! Fully encased film and didn't have to do a thing to wind it on! Anyway you get the picture I have had an interest in photography since I could walk. My father had a darkroom and enlarger etc. He also loved super 8 motion photography, and believe it or not his wedding, back in 1955, was shot in motion picture.

My early interests were very much about portrait photography, I travelled in Asia and Nepal and one day will get around to digitising them for my gallery.

These days I enjoy taking photos of water scenes, but macro and underwater photography is starting to attract my interest. The Dolphinfish photo shown in my gallery won the Australian underwater competition in 2006. The key thing about this photo is how unique it really is. Dolphinfish are very fast moving pelagic (surface) swimming fish. I don't believe there is a better photo of this animal taken in its habitat in the world. I put it down to Grandma's luck!

I guess anyone into photography these days that have grown up with changing technology must be amazed with what we now have at our disposal- Basically, anyone can take a great photo with digital technology and supporting software. To be able to take 100 photos and delete 99, then take another 100 and delete 90 and so on, means that you can come back from a photo shoot with 20 - 30 or so pretty good photos. You would have been lucky to have one per role of film only a decade ago!

My last comment is that I reckon that I am still on 'P' plates when it comes to taking photographs, there is so much to learn, so many tricks and technigues to play with.

Happy shooting - take heaps!!