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Even in the last few years of this century Afghanistan is iterance in new era with different geographical and political circumstances. In the period of time suddenly opportunities come out in every filed of life and Afghan people trying out to develop, centralize and re-organization in all areas. This is a good beginning and like others living Afghan communities it has left a great impact on my people as well. So all performers were active and doing hard work in there own field of work. That’s really matter of proud! For me to get the honor of first ever Afghan Photo Artist! Still I want to see my country among all international Photo Art and Digital Imaging Nations.
Even people are still invalided on this projection that! Using of Photoshop for “pictorial quality” is Correct or not? So with responsibility I would like to say “Yes” because I believe in outstanding quality and extraordinary performances. In single shot a good picture quality is not possible! You can get that only through the use of PhotoShop. And with honesty, I think that, it is the fault of the people who do not use Photoshop to get more out of their photographs. Who does not want an attractive and quality picture? It is true that the Beauties lie in the eyes of holder. That is why, it’s not important to give comments on any picture or its quality. Because different people can see a picture differently.
The world most trustable and leading photographic forums PSA (Photographic Society of America) and RPA (Royal Photographic Association) are also recommended Photoshop to achieve best “pictorial quality”. Those who want to be a good photographer I will recommend them that it might be better to identify themself as good PhotoArtist. Because every once can be a good photographer but some can became a Photo Artist.

With your love and kind support I am looking for forward…

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