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Sometimes I ask myself: why do I photograph?
Different answers arouse every time.
To preserve a moment.
To capture the beauty that others are to busy to enjoy.
To express myself.
To make art.
Getting different answers sort of proved me that none where the real reason. So why do I photograph? Last answer I remember was: why not?

That ended my inner conflict so nowadays I just grab a camera and go out not searching for an image, but waiting for it to call my attention.

My subjects are quite diverse, from a bullfight to a flower, or from the busy streets of NYC to the barbershop near my office.

One of my recent photographic project (26 afternoon scenes), took me to the streets of my hometown to capture how our people spend their afternoons last fall. Every day starting on September 21st I went to the street looking for a scene that pleased my eyes and the next day I updated my website with the image I chose. The results were encouraging since I noticed that people visited my page on daily basis to see the new scene, but I also enjoyed walking through my city, interacting with the people, many of whom found hard to believe that they could be interesting photographic subjects…and they are indeed.