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Photography started out as the only sociable activity I really enjoyed at boarding school, and soon helped cover leisure expenses in college, where I spent nights in the darkroom and much of my free time shooting for the college newspaper and yearbook. My hobby had me dreaming of greatness, when an art school photographer friend dissuaded me from considering photography as a career move. So I framed my French undergrad diploma and went to work in a sawmill as a lumber inspector. At least I didn't starve to death, which is presumably what happened to my photo buddy, since I never heard from him again.

Fast forward 15 years. I'm living in Paris, and congratulating myself on my astute choice of undergraduate degree. My third French employer looks like a keeper. My Canon A-1, eternally loaded with Ilford B&W film, sits unused, relegated to a closet by my wife, family, two kids - by life. One day I realized I could scan the negatives to CD, then recycle images on the family web site. Suddenly all my old habits cropped up anew: pausing in mid-stride to stare intently at interesting perspectives, stepping in unmentionable stuff while scrutinizing urban vistas, etc. A basic digital Point&Shoot showed up in my pocket. With photo DSC_9999 not far off, and armed with volumes of facts from various photo forums, I threw financial caution to the wind and acquired an advanced bridge camera, complete with teleconverter, external flash, etc. I was hooked.

Which brings me to BetterPhoto. I casually mentioned my intent to start a Gallery if I ever made Finalist. This took months, due to stiff competition, but September 2004 brought victory! So, remembering my promise, I'm putting a bit of my work on display and helping maintain BetterPhoto. Here's hoping I can give back as much to members as I've received from them. Thanks, guys and gals!

A bientôt,


PS: More of my work can be found in my online workspace, here!