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My first camera was a 110 Pocket Instamatic. I loved this camera back then, and used it for years. Then in 1998, while in Kodiak Alaska, I used a Nikkormat SLR. This was an exciting time, but also challenging. The scenery and wildlife were exceptional, but this was a fully manual camera, and at the time I had no idea how to work it. I did my best to capture the beauty of the island.
Then, I moved to Minnesota in 2001, and in 2003 my boyfriend bought me a Nikon N80 for Christmas! I wanted a film camera for the discipline in learning to make each shot count. I also used a Finepix 2650 on our motorcycle trips out west to Montana, Wyoming and Idaho. I needed something more compact on the bike. I took alot of pictures with this camera, unfortunately, many were shot with a low megapixel setting (a lesson learned).
My current camera is a Nikon D80. I purchased in July 2008 to help me transition from hobbyist to serious amateur photographer. I also made the purchase because in August 2006, Ron's life was cut short. We were enjoying a beautiful evening drive on our motorcycles when a car attempted a left-hand turn coming towards us; striking and killing Ron. This changed my life dramatically and forever.
I realize life is too short for "someday". There is so much we miss and do not see because of our busy, hectic lives.
I want my photography to show people the beauty God has blessed us with, all around.
My hope for people is to slow down, look around, and breath in the beauty and cherish the moments with our loved ones. . .