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I got started on photography seriously as an extension of my hobby of birding. Seeing so many beautiful creatures on field trips moved me to purchase a camera. Next I had to learn how to capture their charms with a photo in order to share this beauty with others.
I use Nikon equipment and most of my photos are of birds, flowers and wildlife. My F/4 300mm lens is rarely off the camera.

I live in Canada's capital city, Ottawa and value its many parks, green spaces and nearby wildlife habitats. This region offers abundant opportunities to view wildlife at close range.
I bird with local expert Tony Beck, a sensitive and caring naturalist, talented photographer and generous teacher. ( ) He too uses Nikon equipment. From Tony I have learned where to find birds, how to identify them, how to get a great photo and the fun of it all.

I have taken numerous courses, each one adding to my ability as a photographer. Many elements must come together to get a great digital photo. The subject, the light, equipment, technique, knowledge of your photo editor and so much more.
My photographic goals are to continue to build on my current knowledge base, collect more good images of stunning birds and share my passion for wildlife with others through my photos.

My hope is that by sharing a photo of a creature that has charmed or moved me, someone viewing may also be moved to praise our Grand Creator. All Creation is a wonder and to be able to nurture our personal sense of wonder is a blessing.