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I remember as a kid I would sneak off with my mother's '55 Brownie box camera and pretend I was taking pictures. It was fascinating to look through the viewfinder, compose and click the button. I don't remember ever having film for that camera. I'm not sure if she even knew how I loved it. Look where we are today - digital is just the best. And aren't we having some real fun these days?

I am a witty 51 year old who is a two-time cancer survivor. I have one grown daughter that is married and working on her masters. My work is with the Corrections Department. I have a passion for music, photography and the great outdoors. I recently upgraded to a nifty HP notebook enabling me to learn Adobe Photoshop Elements and Corel Paint Shop. It would be impossible to choose my favorite photography subjects. I like it all and my camera's calling. Thanks for stopping by!