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My background is in science/engineering and I graduated from university in 1971 with a PhD in Physics/Engineering. I have been involved with photography since before becoming a teenager getting my first camera, a Voigtlander Vito II (That dates me I guess :-) while still in primary school. I have my mother to thank for that as she was an avid photographer and industrial chemist. I did all my own processing in B&W and had a lot of fun in the darkroom. Over the years I went through a number of cameras and my last film camera was a Minolta XE bought way back in the 1970s. It served me faithfully until I went on a trip to Africa in 2005. At that stage I got my fist digital camera a Panasonic FZ20. The images from that were better than those of film so I now have a whole stack of unprocessed films from that trip. The Minolta lies unused in the back of a cupboard. Heading off to China in 2006 saw me go to a digital SLR (Nikon D50). I now use both cameras as the FZ20 has a stunningly good lens and produces excellent results but suffers from not enough wide angle and poor low light performance.

My main interests are travel and photography and obviously combining the two. I will have a go at most photographic subjects although I am probably more interested in landscape and people than macro and architecture. I like street photography and capturing people going about their normal day to day activities.

Nearly all my images are for sale usually in 8"x12" or 12"x18" sizes in gloss or matt. Prints only as it saves heaps on overseas postage and minimises damage.