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Hello and thanks for checking out my profile! Please feel free to contact email me at or add me to your MSN Live Messenger using the same address.

I have loved the art of photography and everything that goes along with it for a very long time. My first real camera was a 35mm Canon Rebel G. Yea, I know, nothing fancy but it was to me when I got it. I used it for several years and then lost interest with the whole process of shooting roles of film, getting them processed, looking at the images and then just storing them in a box somewhere never to be looked at again.

I again became very interested in photography after I got my first digital camera. It was just a little Polaroid digital camera that took 640x480 images at very, very poor quality but it was exciting anyway to be able to take pictures and to see what you captured just seconds later at no expense and not having to put anything else into that already full box of
photographs. I was hooked...

Today, many digital cameras later, I go just about everywhere with one of my cameras in tow. You just never know when that one photograph of a life time is going to be presented right in front of you. When it is, I just hope I'm ready for it and my batteries are all charged and I don't find out after I turn the camera on that I have left all of my CF cards at home on my desk (yup, I have done that before).

I guess I would consider myself an Semi-Professional Photographer. I say that because photography isn't my primary job or my primary source of income. I am a Software Engineer by day and a Photographer by night. I have a couple regular professional gigs that I do quarterly for my primary employer. Award Banquets and head shot portrait work when they need for award presentations and such. I also take care of all of their photography for the many charity sporting events they sponsor and participate in throughout the year.

I have also professionally photographed several wedding and enjoyed very much doing it. I plan on photographing many more in the future. Who knows, maybe Wedding Photographer may some day be my primary job. Never know...

I enjoy photography field trips to different places to photograph different things. It gets stale photographing the same things all the time. Even thought I live in an area rich with US history such as the US Civil war, you can only photograph those things so much before getting just a little bored with it. I anyone close would like to plan a photography outing, please contact me and we can make plans. I'm sure a few of my local photography buddies will be up for the trip as well.

I appreciate any comments or photographer testimonials you provide me on my work. Feel free to contact me any time.