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Coming from a family that had been Kodak and Canon distributors since way before I was born, it was a natural progression to be involved in photography. My father gave me my first camera (Kodak Brownie) when I reached the age of seven and I have been taking photos ever since. When I look through the lens I'm in a world of my own, always looking for that next interesting picture.
I have an insatiable hunger for knowledge and aspire to challenge myself to push through new barriers.
My photos are my life, my memories, my work.
I am presently shooting on a 1D MkIV 5D MkII with a selection of L series lenses.
I miss my old Ftb but digital has given us different and exciting dimensions.
I continue to travel. The more I see the more I realize how little I know.
I am currently working as a sports photographer and a travel photo-journalist.