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I started taking pictures about 3 years ago with a Sony 717. A friend of mine (who is also a member on betterphoto, A. C. Kuderik) got me into it. I started off shooting people in clubs for a website we were doing at the time called After that I got into photographing the city of Detroit...I feel Detroit has a huge amount of character, its like gotham city, and I still really enjoy getting into abandoned warehouses and shooting them. I think the city of Detroit and its urban decay has definetely affected my photography, I dont think I would be a photographer if I lived anywhere else. I want to continue to shoot Detroit, but I would also like to travel and hunt for those perfect shots in other environments. I've seen a lot of good shots of beautiful scenery, but I feel a lot of people think that just capturing a beautiful scene is enough...I dont think most people look for that artistic vantage point, or that dynamic angle, and thats the difference between good and great in my opinion. One of the things that makes photography remarkable is that you can make your camera see things in a way that a human being never could. I strive to utilize that.