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Born in 1974, lived all my life in Bombay, till work made me move around the states of Karnataka, Goa and Maharastra. Always been interested in nature, and used to trek a lot. The abundance of bird life just made my interest in birds grow .... Couple that with my interest in photography, and u have a perfect recipe for a nature photographer......THAT'S MY HOBBY. I deeply resent the fact that we have been eroding our natural resources in the name of development and rendered this beautiful place called Earth into a competition for survival , not only for humans but also other species. I hope we leave a better Earth for the generations to come........ Just a word about conservation . 50 yrs back we had many more species of flora and fauna and very less ways of shooting and recording them, 50yrs hence we might have the best technology and no wildlife. I am born in that period where the balance is still there and I am lucky for that .............or am I???? Am I doing my bit for conservation . Are you????