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Hi everybody,

I am Julien. I am settled in Hong kong, small city where not a lot of things can be captured but where good camera can be bought for cheap. I like travelling, went to US, Polynesia, India, Thailand, Japan, Europe (my homeland). I am always running after luminosity, I mean the special kind of luminosity that you have in some special place at some special moment.. hard top catch.

I am in photography since less than one year. I like going around n shoot anything that catch my attention : flowers, people, urban, buildings....

I learn a lot through Betterphoto even if I cannot afford online course yet. The most difficult part I guess is to develop your own style, I mean something that will differentiate you from others, I am trying to find a way.

I am working in photography with a Canon EOS 5D and EF 17-40 1:4 L USM, 100 MM 1:2.8 L USM, EF 70-200 2.8L IS USM

filters :
- UV
- blue
- CPL 8
accessories ;
- tripod
- ball
- remote shutter

Photos can be ordered either as digital files or print, contact me
I will launch soon a website called, it will be the widest communitty dedicated to photography !

PS ;

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