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I reside on the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia.

This beautiful region, around 650 metres above sea level, offers me the luxury of living in an area surrounded by undulating hills, covered with either lush pasture or dense bush, deep, rock-walled gorges, into which waterfalls tumble, and rich farmland, straddled by creeks, streams and rivers. It also offers me the luxury of only having to travel for 90 minutes by car to reach the city centre of either Sydney or Canberra, or to travel for under an hour to places such as Wollongong and Kiama, with their sparkling beaches, with rolling waves and shimmering sand.

I have always been interested in photography, however, it is only since purchasing my first digital camera in 2004, that I have become totally addicted to it. It is my passion.....I constantly see images to capture everywhere I go.

I consider myself to be quite versatile. Although I prefer landscape photography, I also enjoy capturing people, cityscapes, industrial, architectural and macro images.