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During high school in 1987, I started experimenting with time-lapse photography, taking pictures of Northern Lights, planets, and stars. While attending Iowa State University, I put my camera skills to work for my Landscaping Architecture course work, and my Astronomy class.

It was also in Ames where I studied art, modern and classical. My biggest influences are Dali, Pollock, Kandinsky, Picasso, Warhol, and Paschke. It may have been Paschke's photo-surrealism, and use of glowing colors- as if he had painted the picture with light- that first gave me the inspiration to photograph light. So, in 1996, I started experimenting with long exposures and using light and movement to create unique photographs.

Color and life provide the themes I explore in this series, neither of which would exist without light. Therefore, anything derived from light often manifests itself into my work: from the creation and eventual destruction of the universe and life itself, and on to further speculation and exploration of what lies beyond.

Light is my paint, the world is my brush, color is my subject and a camera provides my canvas.

Jeremy K. Orr