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I'm 29 years old & have always loved taking photos. I sometimes feel like a tourist in my own city. :) I've taken a photography class on my own to help me understand my camera & the different techniques that can be used.

I previously worked with just a plain point & shoot Canon camera, & eventually switched over to digital(Canon Powershot A70). My new favorite toy is the Nikon D50 digital SLR.

I mostly enjoy capturing nature at it's most beautiful & people at their most candid moments. I need to have the image catch my have that unique look to it, something that you wouldn't expect to make a good photo. I also like to take pics of my family & pets, you can never get enough of those.

I have to smile at myself when I realize how funny & strange I may seem to others that are watching me take my pictures. I always look at a subject from an unusual point of view but in the end those that were once skeptical are left in awe at how they turn out. (sometimes) :)

Its a dream of mine to be paid to travel throughout the world & do this professionally. However, until that happens, i'll just continue this hobby of mine & gain the experience through trial & error.

I am only a beginner. Through time & many offers of critique, I will get better. Thank you for viewing my gallery & I hope you like what you see.

Stacee Webster