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I am a mother of three wonderfully active boys. I am always on the go following them around to their numerous activities and trying to keep up with their latest creative monstrosity. I am a very devoted mother first and foremost in my life.

Photography and art has always been a passion. It has overtaken me ever since I was a little child. I have always saught new and creative outlets for my creativity and it never seems to be stagnant. Creating with all the new digital tools that have recently entered into existence is pure fun for me. I am always eager to move on to the next adventure with all the new art tools recently released on the market.

I am a passionate photographer. All the knowledge that I have aquired is from reading books, and researching different techniques, desire has been my only fuel.

After residing in Colorado for the past 24 years, I have discovered that the beautiful seasons and my active lifestyle will keep me here for life! Colorado is my playground! Please visit my website at the link below!! Have a great day!

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