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I have always been an artist, and always will be. The measure of an artist is not how much popularity they gain. The measure of an artist is the feeling in their heart that they’ve made something that inspires emotion and passion. My goal is to inspire that passion. My goal is to create that visual emotion. My goal is to help inspire and be inspired by the artists in my community. Then I want some popularity.

I began learning how to be an artist early on, and my need to be an artist took hold in Junior High School. I began photography in High School and continued to pursue it through Community College. Afterwards I began a Bachelor of Fine and Performing Arts in Directing and Design at Western Washington University. Though I didn't leave the world of photography during those years, I spent most of my time pursuing Set Design and Performance. I graduated from WWU and moved to St. Martin's University to complete a Teaching Certificate.

My life continued along a path that I thought would be rewarding. Unfortunately, it wasn't. I wanted to teach, but no one in the area was retiring. So, I headed into the corporate world. That was fun for a while but I still had art on my mind, and desks and phones don’t make for great art.

Eventually, I had to have a complete change of pace, and still very much wanted to pursue a career in teaching. That's when I found English Teaching Abroad. At the time I didn't dream that it would lead to my revelations in my photography.

I spent four years in Japan. For some reason the combination of digital photography and living in a completely new culture sparked my photography skills, and pushed them into high gear. While in Japan I met Jason Gehrman, an Australian and fellow photographer. Together we developed JaR Imagery. We became avid photographers, and published our photography on several social sites, as well as developing our own website;

In the past I have not always been allowed to let my art manifest wholly, weather by time or money there was usually something in the way. This is what led me back to photography. But even photography at first was restrictive. Only when photography and digital media merged was I released from the constraints of money, but time remained an issue. Now, I have been given an amount of time to explore my art again. I want to do that with like minded people who will interact and encourage my work. I want to expand my artistic experiences. So far I have only expressed them through photography and theater. I want to study more forms.