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My interest in photography began more than 28 years ago with a Kodak Baby Brownie Special. I had little formal training -- a few photography classes at a local college -- but spent years practicing my craft in the field, learning through experience about lighting, composition, different lenses and films, and the best locations for finding birds, wildflowers, and scenics.

I spent 11 years as staff photographer for the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, and had the opportunity to travel around the eastern U.S. to photograph unique flora and fauna. Some of my favorite sites for great subjects are Sanibel Island, FL, and the surrounding area (Myakka State Park, Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge); Michigan's Upper Peninsula; and Georgian Bay region, Ontario. I take advantage of all of the natural areas around northern Ohio, particularly in the spring and autumn. In the summer, I look for special events and festivals locally, for potential photo opportunities. And the Cleveland skyline, with the varied architecture, is always a good source for inspiration.
My current gear consists of a Fuji S3 Pro and a Nikon F100, lenses from a 17mm - 500mm. I use a Gitzo tripod with an Arca Swiss B1 ballhead for 95% of all my pictures. I use two filters, a circular polarizer and a Tiffen glass 2 stop graduated ND filter. I'm currently shooting 90% digital and the rest film (Fujichrome Velvia 100), but I can see in the near future I will be 100% digital.

From the start of my interest in photography, I participated in local photo clubs. I enjoyed the camaraderie and took advantage of the opportunity to learn from fellow club members, who generously shared their expertise. And now I take pleasure in being able to pass on some of my own knowledge to other photographers. You'll find that photographers are some of the best people anywhere and we are ready to share ideas, teaching and learning from each other.

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