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After my husband flew the coop and the kids left home, I filled my empty home with three dogs: a corgi and two rescues. Then my son-in-law picked out a little Canon A40 for me to play with. Next I got the A80, and a few months later, a Pro 1. After 50 years of taking pictures with dinky film instamatics (pictures of headless people, confusing blurry things, etc.) I was amazed to find that these cameras can actually teach you how to take a decent picture! I have no aspirations to be the next Ansel Adams; just having a marvelous time taking pictures of God's gifts to me.

I recently got a digital Rebel SLR and am trying to accomplish more than just point and shoot.

If there is anything good in my picutres, I dedicate it to my Dad, who gave me an early appreciation for the pure fun of photography, and to Jeff, who got me set up with a camera, computer, and Photoshop. Thanks, guys!