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Thanks everyone for taking the time to check out my gallery. I enjoy being outdoors, taking pictures, and meeting new people. I try to constantly improve my photography and learn new techniques.

I enjoy bright colors, abstracts, nature, macro and old world style landscapes.
Most of what you will see here are things I can photograph in my yard or without traveling too far. Things such as trees, flowers, outdoor items and some simple landscapes and still life images.

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I am very appreciative of this website as an outlet for my creative energies and am so thankful it exists. I've met many people from all over the world! Thanks BP for all your efforts and constantly improving this website for all of us!

Canon EOS Digital Rebel 550 and a Canon Rebel XT
Canon 100 mm Macro lens
Canon 50mm lens
Canon 70 - 300mm Telephoto lens
Canon 10-22 Wide Angle Lens

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