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Born in Dartford, Kent in the suburbs of London, England, I had the constant bustle of the city on my doorstep. Desperately seeking relief I would cycle out to the neighbouring countryside at every opportunity, escape the city and enjoy the peace, quiet and solitude, away from the constant drone of cars. It wasn't long before I felt the urge to record these escapes and I started to photograph the places I had been.

My photography skills rapidly improved and I got itchy feet. In 1998 I bought a round the world air ticket, packed a ruc sac with the barest essentials and then stuffed a day pack with photographic equipment, two hundred rolls of transparency film and went travelling. Initially I planned to go for a year but travel suited me and the sights I witnessed were so inspiring, I didn't return to Britain until two years had elapsed. I had over ten thousand transparencies and I spent the next three months mounting and cataloging each image.

Having returned to Britain, I knew that London was not for me.

I currently live in the North of Scotland, near Inverness, with my wife and two infant children. I would still like to travel again some day, but for now I am completely content and happy to be living in a country that I regard as being more beautiful than just about any place I have ever been.

I currently use either a Contax ST with associated 28-85mm and 80-200mm zoom lenses, a 300mm F4 Tele Tessar for wildlife with matched converters and a 100mm macro Planar for close ups. The lenses are superb and a joy to use. More recently I moved up to medium format and acquired a Pentax 6x7ll with a 55-100 zoom lens, a 45mm and a 200mm lens.

What ever combination I use the whole lot will be firmly attached to a Gitzo tripod with an Arca Swiss monoball head, ( a fantastic piece of kit). I have standardised on Fuji Velvia film which I regard as one of the finest films ever made. It records my vision and memories of the landscapes I photograph, in a way that pleases me.

Currently my work is represented in books, calendars and Christmas cards. I now have work and written articles published in all the major UK photographic magazines. My aim is to publish a book or two on the landscapes of Scotland and make the tranition to full time professional.