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Taking ordinary subjects and creating unusual images from them is my ideal photography exercise, or "photography-maze."

Much of my work is an amalgamation of real objects and computer scenes. I don't like to make things too complicated, but I do like to give this type of work, like my “Sci-Fi Landscapes” series, that 'alien-world' feeling.

Abstract Expressionism is a painting style that I love, and I try to incorporate the feeling of this style when I work on my Abstract Photography. My favorite Abstract Expressionist painter is Jackson Pollock.

Getting in close is something that I tend to gravitate toward. I must fill the scene with the subject when working on macro photography - the closer the better!

The National Geographic magazine and my maternal Grandmother are probably most responsible for fueling my liking for photography. My Grandmother was a watercolor painter and made sure that I appreciated and participated in the arts - I chose photography.

Seeing the masterful and story telling works of NGS photographer, James Stanfield, was always inspiring for me. Within the NGS magazine is a wonderful world of photography, and with that inspiration, I knew that I wanted to be involved in the photography business in one way or another. Another of my early photography influences was New York Commercial Photography, Carl Fischer.

I had no idea at the time, that many of the magazine photographs from ESQUIRE and LOOK magazines I marveled at in my youth were Carl Fischer’s. I fostered a respect for his professionalism and creativity as a photographer and his work was inspiring for me. Also, I can probably attribute my fascination with Special Effects Photography to Fischer - his photographs of Andy Warhol drowning in the can of Campbell’s Tomato Soup (1969), and of world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali in 1967 as the martyred St Sebastian, were truly remarkable. In the 60’s, these photos took 3-days to complete, and all done by hand – no computer manipulation: Totally amazing.

Since 1994, my family and I moved from my home town of Lincoln, Nebraska, and went to my wife’s home town of Penang, Malaysia. You can’t make much more of a lengthy move than halfway around the world, and geographically, the distance from Lincoln to Penang is about halfway around the globe, as the crow flies.

About 1998, I started shooting freelance. I have worked as an editorial photographer and have shot photo-essays for Standard Chartered Bank’s gold card magazine (GOLD), studied and shot stories on ethnic dance for GOLD, Dance Teacher Now and Dance Spirit magazines, and have published work on Malay weapons in BLADE magazine. I’ve also shot numerous dance and stage productions for local dance companies.

Lately, I’ve been working on Still Life and Fine Art Photography and currently sell prints through Imagekind, ( ), of my “Alien Water” Series. Also, more of my Abstract & Nature Photography is offered at ArtistRising, ( ), where I’m selling poster prints of my “Heavy Machines”, “Environ Portraits”, and “Abstract Water Cells Series”. I also offer creative stock images through CitizenImage.