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Aloha! I just started on this site March 31, 2009. I have a Canon 30D and a 55mm and 300mm lens. I am still discovering all this camera can do. My pictures and interest change as I travel and as I learn more, and as I view others members work. So yeah, I'm all over the palce right now! Most my shots are straight from the camera with some changes made in Picassa. I hope to learn PSE-7 soon. So, I may have gone on a flower binge or shooting around the island.. I'm just shooting everything until I find what I like and what my style is. I have so much to learn about editing and Photography in general, that right now I am in the learning process..I'd like to learn to do more to my photos..but for now, they are pretty frills. I live on Maui with my husband and two birds. I only have a few photos on my site, but I welcome any advice or suggestions you might have. Flattery is nice..but your constructive criticism even better! Mahalo for stopping by!