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They say the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. In my case I'm guessing my Dad's love of taking pictures (while it seemed like an aggravation at the time), probably influenced my interest. But it wasn't until taking a photography class in college that I really started learning to "see". But life moved forward and other priorities took over and my interest in photography laid dormant until digital came along. I now find that I can find the time to do photography and do it some justice where in the past it was just to difficult. I like pictures to be unique and ideally, I think there should be a story within a story. Something that makes people think. I like there to be some element of humor and even mystery in the image. I'm having a great time getting back to my roots and carrying around the camera. And with the advent of the internet and sites such as this you can get your images out to others with like interest that appreciate the art.

I have a wonderful wife and 2 great kids, and a pretty time consuming career as a Computer Salesman. Our schedules stay busy so finding time to shoot can be difficult.

Well I live in the River City or as we locals call it Louavull (that's how you say it) but Louisville, KY is how you spell it. We are known for Fast Horses and Beautiful Women but some prefer to think if it as Fast Women and Beautiful Horses. What else is around here? Well, there's lot's of Bourbon, the Louisville Slugger bat is from here, make all of the Corvettes in the country right down the road, Churchill Downs, oldest paddleboat in the country, World's largest Cave system (Mammoth Cave) is not to far away, World's Largest Bat sits in front of the Slugger Museum, lot's of lakes and beautiful landscapes, horse farms, Southern Hospitality, significant fossil bed on the Falls of the Ohio, will soon have a museum that's tribute to Muhammad Ali (he's from here), one of the best skateboard parks in the country, a very active and renowned arts community......

Had plenty of instamatics and such when I was younger but the first serious camera I had was a Fujica SLR that I bought while in college (still have it and it still works), also have a Minolta 3xi with several lenses. Went from a Sony Cybershot F717 to a Canon D30 (recently) and have to say the other cameras feel pretty neglected these days.