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I was born in Indonesia, but, at present I live in Devon, United Kingdom. I am an auto-didact photographer. My father was a keen amateur photographer and introduced me to the world of photography for the first time.

My previous job as a Business Analyst in my home country, allowed me to travel and see many places and people, and this gave birth to my passion for photography.

This passion become stronger when I came to live in Europe and since 2001 have continued to take photos and participate in many photographic competitions in which I have received awards and mentions.

I learn from books, internet, and experimenting with various styles to achieve different results. I don't have any special area in photography, but as long as the objects are nice and artistic, I shoot them.

I work mostly in digital format, but still use an analog camera for some B&W shots. My interest has not stopped here, Digital art has become part of my work now, because I find this line of photography is very challenging and demands a very high standard creativity to achive original and unique results.

I started to find publishers after I became confident that my work was up to professional standards. Rejection is part of this business, but I learn from this and never stop submitting my images to various publishers.

I have now become a freelance photographer for U.S. and U.K. stock photograph agencies and do some assignment shots and designs (based on my original photographs). My images are published and sold in many formats : magazines, book covers, brochures, advertising banners, greetings cards/postcards, fine art posters and canvas, etc. around the world.

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