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Thanks for visiting my Gallery! My early days of B&W photography and the darkroom were exciting for me in school in the late 60s and 70s. Digital photography reawakened my passion for photography, and over the past 10 to 12 years, I've greatly enhanced my skills and knowledge as well as my body of work. Photography is the way I look at the world now, and also the way I express myself.

My photographs are inspired by my love for impressionistic art. I use long exposures to stretch a moment of time into a sense of soft motion, color, and form. For my landscapes, clouds play a special role -- equally important as the quality of lighting. Lit by the golden light of sunset or sunrise, each landscape is a work of art created by nature, displayed only for a brief moment, and never exactly the same. I am awed by nature and its palette, and the goal of my photography is to preserve and share those fleeting moments.

I live in the capital region of New York (Albany area) and I love to do landscape and abstract photography. I hope you enjoy my works as much as I have enjoyed creating them. If you want any of them in print, I have a prints for sale gallery and more galleries at If there's something of mine you'd like that's not for sale there yet, you can request it on my contact page.

Thanks again for visiting!