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I've been an on again, off again avid photographer for around 25 years, Avid when I had my darkroom and not so much when I moved and lost the darkroom. Now with film scanners, digital cameras, and some great photo editing software, the "darkroom" is back as well as the passion for photography.

As is pretty obvious, my favorite subjects are my Labrador Retrievers in both action shots and portrait type shots. The dogs are my other than photography, and probably first passion. We train together, compete in field and obedience trials, hunt tests and go hunting. When the cameras come out, the dogs all seem to know it's time to really ham it up. If anyone is interested in learning more about the dogs, they have a web site at Stormy Creek Labradors

Other than the dogs, I enjoy macro photography, landscapes, and shooting just about anything that moves or doesn't move:-) When I first joined Better Photo I was pleasantly amazed at the enormous number of talented photographers here and enjoy viewing other's work every bit as much as I do posting my own shots. What a great forum this is!