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I'm Andrť: Born in 1964, father of Hanne (18) and Astrid (13). My occupation is general director of a mid-sized Norwegian company (industrial sales of tools, fasteners and logistics solutions).

I started with photography in 1978, but it's the past two-three years that I have developed my skills; thanks to BetterPhoto and other websites of this kind.). And I still have a lot to learn :-)

For me, the ultimate picture is the one where all elements fit seamlessly into one unity. Thatís elements like a good story, enhanced by the right composition, colors, cropping, light, texture, movement and depth of field. The ultimate picture is the one that engraves into the viewers mind, and stays there in a dynamic way: The story builds up or changes every time the viewer come back to see the picture. My interest in photography is a journey towards the ultimate picture. I know Iíll never reach it. But Iím still on the move. In the right direction, I hope. For me, the journey is the goal. Itís a long lasting expedition, and Iím enjoying every minute of it.