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I got into photography back in the early 80's due to having two
career's I had little time to devote to photography. After retiring from one I picked it up again for awhile, now fully retired since
2004 I have regained my passion and really enjoy my photography.
I enjoy hikeing and exploring [off the path] and find great shot's
of animal's and bird's, insect's, flower and fawna.My primary camera
is the Canon eos 7D also I use the 50D but not as much as the 7D.
I have four [Canon l lens] my favorite is the 100-400m l 4/-5.6
which 90% of my pic's are made with.Recently I obtained the 28-300mm though heavy -a fantastic lens.I have no pet's at this time
we lost our beloved dog after 14 year's and since have not had a desire for another.My passion is in photography.