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I really started photography to get photos of the night sky, but it was so cold and miserable that I gave it up. Then digital cameras came along and energized me; they're so much fun that I've discovered a veritable lifestyle. I am becoming, by default, a professional, since more of my income derives from my photo work. I find this hilarious, as I've spent
forty years attempting to make money writing novels or playing music. It's kind of like the photo thing happened while I wasn't looking. Trying to make money out of creative art is so impractical, I might as well be a sculptor, or a poet.
Do you know any professional sculptors who make a good living from their art? Neither do I. So...the fact that Popular Photography just bought one of my "skyscapes"
is gratifying and very funny.
In 1978 I sold a story to Playboy Magazine, it won an
award, I was paid two thousand dollars and flown to New York.
Until this year, that was the last time I made money off my creativity.
This isn't quite so bizarre,
and I'm more grown up, so I think I'll be okay.

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